Rock Interior Design (HK) Ltd. was founded in 2000.  Throughout a few years, we have grown into a medium-sized firm from a small project team. We specialized in interior design, project management and contracting-works teams to provide professional interior fit-out services to our clients.  We aspire to provide a truly unique experience through our designs in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Rock’s Design Team is very sensitive to global interior design trends and application of the latest materials.  The Design Team also utilizes a host of presentation techniques to bring its concepts to life for the audience.  At Rock, the client will always find a perfect match in an assortment of bespoke designs specifically tailored for their needs.

Our Project Team is led by our Director with professional management experience in interior design/construction projects of various natures.  Exceptional quality control through on-site procurement is the mantelpiece of the Project Team which translates into a client’s peace of mind.

Rock Interior Design (HK) Ltd. goes where and when the client’s interior design or contracting needs are required.  We have served clients throughout Asia and Europe, with projects such as offices, retail shops, warehouses, data centers, landscapes and residential accommodations, in sizes ranging from street stalls to over 5,000sm.  We also act as a communication hub between clients and other project stakeholders in order to facilitate effortless project integration.  Rock is the solid foundation on which your design and construction needs should be based on.

– Feasibility Studies
– Space Planning
– Design Services and Presentation
– Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
– Procurement
– Fitout and Installation
– Landscape Design
– Mobilization
– Project Management
– Post-construction Maintenance